Alex RosariaCURAÇAO – PAIS-voorman Alex Rosaria heeft zich gisteravond solidair verklaard met de LGBT-gemeenschap (Lesbiennes, Gays, Biseksuelen en Transgenders). Dat liet hij weten in een toespraak op de Rainbow Award Night in het Floris Suite Hotel. Deze week is de eerste Gay Pride op Curaçao van start gegaan.

De partijelider was volgens eigen zeggen ook aanwezig om zijn geloof in de democratische kernwaarden te herbevestigen. Religie mag daarin geen obstakel zijn, vindt Rosaria. “Als ik vooruit kijk, merk ik dat er nog een lange weg te gaan is. De werkelijkheid is dat er hier op Curaçao nog steeds een grote groep is die religie wil gebruiken om discriminatie te rechtvaardigen.”

Volgens Rosaria is het niet voor het eerst dat religie als argument wordt gebruikt om misstanden goed te praten. De PAIS-leider: “Het moet ons nog vers in het geheugen liggen dat Frater Radulphus amper 60 jaar geleden de bijbel gebruikte om zijn standpunt te verdedigen dat vrouwen minder bekwaam waren dan mannen. We moeten ons nog goed kunnen heugen dat Abraham Chumaceiro aan het eind van de negentiende eeuw streed voor het gelimiteerde stemrecht van de man toen de heer Hamelberg beweerde dat als de zwarte man stemrecht werd gegeven, Curaçao te maken zou krijgen met kannibalisme en bestialiteit. We moeten ook nimmer vergeten dat er passages uit de bijbel zijn gebruikt om de slavenhandel te rechtvaardigen”, aldus Rosaria.

De partijleider had ook oog voor de mogelijk positieve uitwerking van religie op verdraagzaamheid. “We moeten in staat zijn medeleven te tonen en te geloven in de volgende passage uit de bijbel die de basis vormt van alle religies: behandel anderen zoals je door hen behandeld wilt worden.”

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  1. Dr. Victor Mebele, I congratulate you. Keep, as Gods word declares, enduring as a good soldier. The slave is not more than its Master.. If Jesus was questioned and mocked, we will also be. Jesus was questioned many times by which authority He did what He did. He remained in peace and truth and kept preaching the Kingdom of God.. There is a Kingdom of the Netherlands and there is a Kingdom of God… Dr. Mebele There is a relief coming in the tribulation of Gods people. Just keep focusing on what God has called you to do.
    God bless you and whenever I come to Curacao, I will visit your church.

  2. Dr. this title is not used anymore as a university title. Long a ago, before the year 2002 we used this in Holland, but we realised that the title Dr. is not working out of the Dutch Kingdom and therefore meaningless.
    The whole conversation did not appeared to me like a person with any university background. What a pitty.

  3. @ Dr. Mengele Proverbs 26:4: “Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you yourself will be just like him.” I won’t waste any more words on you; the Bible tells me so 😀

  4. @ Mebele,

    First of all I understand you have no clue who the Iceman Kuklinsky was. He was a serial contract killer who would like to freeze his victims, so that the time of death could not be established anymore.
    Let’s call it a lack in your education, especially if you have lived in the US you should have heard about him.

    Second, you may believe whatever you want and nobody will stop you from doing so. However, regarless of your beliefs we DO have laws that every citizen has to abide by.
    A religion is not a valid excuse for failing to abide by those laws.
    As stated before, article 1 of the constitution is completely clear, there is no discussion about it. You may not like it, but you have to abide by it.
    Calling for the discrimination of gay people is a crime against the constitution and that is still prohibited in our country.

    On the other hand, if even the pope realizes that gay people have the same rights as all other people………who are you to deny them those rights ?
    You are not your God, you are not his appointed representative on earth, so again I ask you……..based on which law do you think you have the right to discriminate other people ?

  5. I believe there is no need to continue with this conversation. If you believe in gay, go on but all I know and it is the truth is that if any of you has power to avoid death, then I will believe in you and your principles, but as far as you have no power to change that eternal law by the God of Israel Jehovah written in His Word (The Bible, Hebrews 9:27), whatever you do here on earth, wait for it because He will not change His Word, Reference: Revelation 22:11-12. Whether you believe it or not, you will die one day and this law awaits you. Call me any name, it does not bother me at all, a day will come and you will remember this writing and I hope it will not be too late for any of us. I will defend this before any President or Judge. Bye.

  6. @ Aurelius, I am sorry my phd certificate is from a well known university in USA. So thank you. I am not proud of it but just to correct your arrogancy. Thank you.

  7. @ Edgar: You are not well informed, to help you out watch this video (Raised from the dead full length) of a man who died and was frozen for some days in the mortuary. So if you don’t still believe, I have no time to waste with you. I wish you all you wish yourself but I know that one day, dead or alive you will remember this conversation. I don’t threathen anyone with death. All I said is that death awaits all of us and because the Bible which is the authentic Word of God said, we will all die, no one has been able to disprove that. That alone is enough for anyone to think twice. Thank you.

  8. @ Dr. Victor Mebele

    “Christians have right to protect the law of God because we are His representatives here.”

    And everyone may choose his own God…
    That’s why we have a mess and wars and terror…

    “My prayer for you is that you think about eternity now because the choice you make now will ‘land’ you either into eternal suffering”

    Live on earth is sh*t, but we will prosper in heaven!
    That is why Nietzsche called christianity a “slave” religion: no future here, but heaven.
    When we focus all our efforts on improving current (!) life, everyone will benefit.

    Verder begrijp ik de hele opwinding over homo’s en lesbo’s niet. Het zal er wel mee te maken hebben dat ik niet religieus geindoctrineerd ben. Zijn de tegenstanders tegen geslachtsverkeer op een andere manier dan “recht toe recht aan, klassiek” ? Of mogen die bij homo/lesbo gebruikelijke variaties wel bij man/vrouw contact? Discriminatie op basis van je voorkeur manier of -standje? Lachen hoor!

  9. @ Victor Mebele. You don’t have a valid PhD. Stop lying. You might have been graduated at some obscure University in South Africa or San Salvador, but it isn’t recognised. I am working on my PhD, thanks for motivating me 😉
    The most christian countries in the world are the most violent countries in the world. Yes they are even more violent than Muslim countries. ‘Dr.’ Mebele’s retarded point of view explains why: If he can’t reason no more, he threatens. Mebele is ONLY not violent, because he lacks power. If he would have power, he would be a murderer. The best thing to do with that class: ignore them like King Salomon advised in Proverbs 26:4: “Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you yourself will be just like him.”

  10. You “misuse” the name of the Lord & that’s not mentioned in the bible and I definitely stand behind my remark, despite your threatening reply.
    Threatening people with death on their doorstep is definitely not mentioned in the bible. Problem with you “so called” preachers is you make your own books just to get money out of poor people. That either is not mentioned in the bible. Jesus was a noble man. Maybe time to learn the real word.
    You ought to be ashamed of yourself to use a dr. title. During my work in the Amsterdamse Bijlmermeer I have met many people like you. Shame on you.

  11. @ Dr. Victor Mebele. I have my PhD. Don’t be jealous.

    Therefore don’t make us think differently by talking like a chicken without a head. That is always the fault of the messenger and not the receiver of the message.

  12. @ J.J. Don’t worry we will know who is sick when death knocks at your door. You are growing towards the grave every day, so wait and see how you have made the biggest mistake of your life by rejecting your creator. If you are a strong, just tell the World that you will not die and let us see whose word is true
    God said J.J. you will die one day and give account of how you live based on my Word. So for us to know if J.J. Is the god of his life, go to your local government and tell them to write it down that J.J. Refuse to die. But as far as you will die, if you are wise, you better believe the Word of God now or face real trouble that no one nor government can rescue you from. Hell is real. My own father was anti God until 2006 when he got stroke and was unconscious for 3 days. When he came back, the first thing he said is: there is life after death and many who did not believe are in real suffering crying for a second chance. Today he is a strong believer. So don’t worry, live anyhow and curse me but we will know who is sick after your Spirit leaves your body. I hope you make the right decision before it is too late. Thank you.

  13. @ Aurelius, I have my PhD. Don’t be jealous. Go and get yours if you can.

  14. @ Victor Mebele

    First of all, we are not arguing whether the bible is a law or not. It is simple, it is NOT a law. We have our judicial system and the laws of our country are the only laws that have any standing.
    You may believe that the bible rules when we are dead. Fine, but we are living at this moment and therefore also YOU have to abide by the laws of our country, in particular the constitution which states that you shall not discriminate.
    If your God will decide when we are dead……..please tell me. Who are you to step into his shoes and start judging people at this moment ?
    Furthermore and I know it is difficult for you to understand, but there are people who DO NOT believe in a God or in the bible. A religiion is a belief, which is exactly that…….a belief. No proof exists, nobody has ever come back from the dead and explained to us what death is like.
    So far, nobody has ever seen any proof of a God, therefore we have chosen to live according to rules and laws which man has devised. These laws apply to everyone who lives in this country, so also to you.

    I would like to leave you with one last thought, which was made by a serial killer. He was about to kill his victim and the victim started praying like crazy. So the murderer told him he would give him exactly 30 minutes. If his God would come down and change the circumstances he would be free to go.
    After 30 minutes no God had shown up and thus the murderer killed him.
    The murderer in this case was Kuklinsky, better known as The Iceman.

    I know that many religious people will now claim that the ways of God are not for us to understand. In which case I can only reply:
    Then it is also not up to you to speak on his behalf. You don’t know what God is thinking, you don’t communicate with him, so don’t have the audacity to claim that you know how God would react.
    The bible is not God and if you think it is then you are more sick than I already thought you were.
    P.S. It is also not the word of God.
    THe bible is what MAN thinks is the word of God and that is an entirely different manner.

  15. @Dr. Victor Mebele

    You are a sick man and a danger to society. Blasfemous.

  16. @ ‘Dr.’ Victor Mebele. You use the title ‘Dr’ unjust, because you never obtained a PhD in any subject, which makes you a fraudulent lier, so please shut up.
    @Jacinto Daal Als die god van de bijbel iets haat, dan is het wel het ‘woest en donker heidendom’. Ik geloof werkelijk dat jij nog een heiden bent a la donker Afrika. Naar de Kapriles,of naar de kerk. Het is me om het even, maar je hebt wel genezing nodig. (Zal je niet vergeten blauw poeder te strooien op de ruggetjes van kinderen om de boze geesten buiten te houden?) Whoehahahahahahaha 🙂

  17. nog even wat vragen aan de mensen die de bijbel letterlijk nemen?
    de aarde is in 6 dagen gemaakt?
    alle geleerden hebben het mis dus.
    Adem en Eva waren de enige bewoners van het paradijs.
    hoe konden ze zich dan voortplanten tot de mensheid van nu?
    dan zullen de kinderen van adem en eva het met hun broer of zuster hebben moeten doen? dus incest mag dan van God?
    de hele bijbel is ontstaan uit oude verhalen van oude mannen in een woestijn!!
    God zoek je niet in de Bijbel of in de kerk, maar die zoek je in jezelf.
    Je geweten is het antwoord.
    Daaruit bepaal je wat goed of fout is.

  18. @ Edgar I don’t have to argue with you whether the Bible is a law or not. One thing I know is that you will not live forever in this World, whether in Iran or Curacao. Death awaits everyone of us and then you will know that the bible is a law. You cannot escape it because you cannot say I Edgar will not die. You will die one day and me too because God said Man will die and afterwards face judgement. My prayer for you is that you think about eternity now because the choice you make now will ‘land’ you either into eternal suffering or peace with God. It is then you will know that the Bible is a law that is supreme to the constitution of any land. Thank you.

  19. Edgar, goed geantwoord….
    maar dit soort mensen zullen nooit enig begrip hebben.
    ze leven met het boek en slaan iedereen er mee, die dat niet doet.
    ze noemen zich christenen, maar als er een god is dan schaamt hij zich voor dit soort gelovigen.

  20. @ Dr. Victor Mebele,

    You fail to see why discrimination of homosexuals is not allowed, even if your book of lies calls it a sin ?

    Well Mr Mebele, let me explain it to you in very simple and very clear words.

    The bible is not a law, it has absolutely no standing in the judicial world.
    Our constitution HAS standing and article 1 of our constitution states that you shall not discriminate based on sexual preference, race etc.

    If you think that the constitution does not apply to you or any of your folllowers, maybe you should find a country like Iran, Afghanistan etc. According to their constitution you CAN discriminate.
    The only problem is ……………..they don’t like so called Christians.

  21. I am surprised to read that Alex Rosaria supports gay pride. During the elecion time, Alex personally came to our Church to ask for vote and this was one of the questions thrown to him. His answer was that the issue will be decided by the people of Curacao and not him. My question is this if gay is a sin which it is from the Word of God who owns this earth including Curacao ( Romans 1:21-32), don’t we Christians have the right to stand against what God says is wrong? I see no reason why Alex should call this discrimination. If I may ask Alex, will you protect the the law of this land at all cost? I believe you will because that is your job and anybody who calls you a racist for protecting the law of the land is a fool. The same way, we as Christians have right to protect the law of God because we are His representatives here. Secondly Alex is not a Christian and trying to interpret the Bible for Christians is unacceptable. We don’t hate gay people but we hate their act because it is sin and sin is a reproach to any Nation. Thank you.

  22. Meeste mensen op Curacao lezen toch niet wat er in de bijbel staat..

    Gij zult niet stelen!

    De teksten mbt huwelijk

  23. Boso nan no mester tira kulpa riba Bijbel ni riba Dios. Pasombra Dios stima hende i É a limpia Mundu na aña 1248 i ku hende por a biba trankil i felis .
    Pero dor ku É a laga e dos arunan aki ku ta Ansiosidat i Kuriosidat liber .
    I , despues di precis di Shen Aña ku ta na aña 1348 é dos aru nan aki a uni huntu i a bai habri é kaha di warda tempu ku ta un forma di piramide i ku ta situa meimei di Mundu .
    I, asina a libra tur é aru nan destruktivo i trese nan bek riba Mundu ..
    Pues tur lokual ku ta pasa riba é Mundu moderno aki tabata pasa den é Mundu di Antiguedat

  24. om heden ten dage met de bijbel in de hand andere mensen te durven veroordelen is een gotspe!!
    het hele eiland is vergeven van overspel, overvallen, moord, corruptie, teenerzwangerschappen en overvolle gevangenissen….
    maar men gaat zondags keurig naar de kerk, houd de vuile was zoveel mogelijk binnen.
    iedereen moet geloven dat we keurig zijn en vooral dushi hende…
    beste Christenen, ga eens in de speigel kijken.\
    zie niet de splinter bij een ander maar zoek de balk in uw eigen ogen.

    De bijbel is geschreven 3-4000 jaar geleden door oude mannen in een woestijn.
    dat kunnen we nu echt niet meer allemaal serieus nemen.
    God is liefde en de schepper van alle leven op aarde.
    dus houd hij ook van alle mensen!!
    juist Christenen zouden dit moeten weten!!
    zelfs de huidige paus is bereid een scheutje water bij de wijn te doen.
    eindelijk een beetje progressieve paus!!

    Wie zonder zonden is mag de eerste steen werpen……
    dus als u zeker weet zonder zonden te zijn, dan mag u komen protesteren op het wilhelmina plein…

  25. Bravo! Klare taal

  26. Rosaria had best mogen vermelden dat men hier religie gebruikt wanneer het uitkomt. Men beweert graag naar de bijbel te leven, doch in werkelijkheid doet men absoluut alles wat de bijbel heeft verboden.
    Maar owé wanneer iemand daar iets van zegt, die krijg alle mogelijke verwensingen naar zijn hoofd (als hij geluk heeft), want het liefste zou men die persoon ter plekke vermoorden.

    De bijbel verbiedt corruptie, diefstal, oneerlijkheid, overspel, niet kunnen matigen, moord etc, doch het is hier op het eiland dagelijkse kost.
    De gay pride heeft in ieder geval wel gezorgd dat zogenaamde ‘Dushi Hende’ hun masker hebben laten vallen en hun ware karakter hebben getoond, namelijk zeer onverdraagzaam naar hun medemens.
    Curacao heeft nog een lange weg te gaan wanneer het aankomt op naleven van artikel 1 van de grondwet.

    Wanneer ik lees dat sommigen alhier menen het recht te hebben de grondwettelijke rechten van anderen te beperken dan kan ik alleen maar opmerken dat ZIJ degenen zijn die hard moeten worden aangepakt.
    Het overtreden van de grondwet is een zeer kwalijke zaak en dient keihard te worden aangepakt.

  27. Eerlijk gezegd begrijp ik de hele opwinding over homo’s en lesbo’s niet. Het zal er wel mee te maken hebben dat ik niet religieus geindoctrineerd ben. Zijn de tegenstanders tegen geslachtsverkeer op een andere manier dan “recht toe recht aan” klassiek? Of mogen die variaties wel bij man/vrouw contact? Discriminatie op basis van je voorkeur manier of -standje? Lachen hoor!