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CURAÇAO – Playa Kenepa (Knip) behoort tot één van de beste stranden ter wereld. Dat vindt Passport Magazine. Knip wordt in het ‘Gay Travel Magazine’ in een lijst van 25 mooiste stranden ter wereld genoemd. In de korte lijst worden ook stranden in Vietnam, Cuba, Hawaii, Spanje en Tahiti genoemd.

“Het strand Knip is een ‘picture-perfect’ Caribisch strand met wit zand omringd door groene heuvels”, schrijft het magazine. Daarnaast wordt Curaçao bejubeld als een homovriendelijk eiland. Curaçao Tourist Board Marketing Manager van Noord-Amerika André Rojer is blij met het artikel in Passport Magazine. “Dit artikel komt precies op tijd, nu het homohuwelijk is goedgekeurd in New York. Zo kunnen we mooi huwelijksreizen naar Curaçao promoten.”

5 reacties op “‘Knip is één van de mooiste stranden’”

  1. I was there a month ago , ask all tour operators why they don’t take tourist to groot knip for a beach day ?? And the answer you will get is the following: We don’t want to take carry all our items down the stairs and go back up we would like to have all the facilities on the beach. Maybe the current snack operators do rent some ugly chairs and sell some bad quality food. But let’s upgrade the service and the selling items. What about having a nice margarita in groot knip and pehaps have a club sandwich with season fries for lunch and rent a gas bbq grill and spend the entire day there. I am not saying it has to be a private beach what i am saying is that it has to be for locals and tourist but ugrade the serice and make something good out of it because right know it’s a waste what they are doing there.

  2. Kinp is a beach for every one to go to for free, bring your own drinks and food, and sit on your towel in the sand and just enjoy the beauty of where you are.

    People rarely buy anything from the snack there, maybe fries, but beach chairs are useless there. Your at the most beautifull beach on Curacao, play, swim and walk around, don’s go laying on the beach for hours and do nothing. You can go to any other beach for that.

    Knip is perfect the way it is, and even with out all of those luxuries it was still put in a list of the most beautifull beaches on earth.

  3. Andres,

    the snack bar does sell drinks and food and they also rent chairs. when was the last time that you’ve been there? You can’t compare Cas Abou with Kenepa; Cas Abou is a private beach, you have to pay to enter and these kind of beaches usually have more facilities than the free ones.

  4. @Andres Misschien moeten we Knip maar voor de lokalen houden en Cas Abou voor de toerist. Ik vind de patat van de snack van Knip heerlijk. Ik heb er een paar maanden geleden ook kunnen douchen en heb er ook een stoel gehuurd. Helaas is het ver weg en kom ik er te weinig.

  5. Yes i agree that Knip is one of the best beaches in the world , but lets work a little bit on more service on the beach for tourist. There is a very old building in which you have some locals operating the snack bar and always you go there you can never buy anything because they have nothing to sell. Start renting some chairs , open some a small snack bar with all the basic products you need on a beach. I am sure the current operators pay a rent to the government of 500 guilders a month for the past 25 years. Come on LVV give this rental contract to someone with experience in the field of service and make it more friendly for the tourist. Cas Abou is a good example. Tourist and especially the americans pay for service , they just wanna get to the beack and buy everything there . food , drinks , Rent chairs , Rent tables etc etc I would like to know how much the rental payment is in groot knip to the government ??